Data-driven Journalism on Social Media: How to Tweak Your Workflow

For a long time, social media was merely an afterthought in the daily routine of data journalists. Why worry about promoting a story and making it more accessible when you can scrape websites and build sophisticated charts all day? Luckily, a project launched by the European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet) has been successfully working on changing that status and mindset. DW Data is a part of the initiative, and Eva Lopez – a data journalist and innovation manager – frequently shares what she and her team have learned. These are the latest insights.

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How the Coronavirus Pandemic has Strained Quality Standards for Data Visualisation

More than probably ever before these times of Corona, data visualisation has an influence on opinion formation and public sentiment. At the same time, the dynamic circumstances of the data and sources leads us who visualise data to turn a blind eye here and there when it comes to meeting common quality standards. Despite this, how do we manage to strike a balance between accuracy and comprehensibility? A year of pandemic reporting in retrospect.

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