What we do

People who work with data can find stories that remain hidden from others - and tell them differently. Confidence in dealing with statistics and data analysis opens up new worlds of information sources and presentation style.

Who we are

Founded by data journalists, designers and developers, Journocode provides resources, education and training at the intersection of journalism and data science.

What we offer

A website with a catalogue of exciting insights into the work of data journalists as well as helpful articles on data analysis and visualisation. We host open workshops, in addition to individual workshop bookings tailored to your newsroom or team.

Upcoming events

Unfortunately we have no events scheduled for the English-speaking community at the moment. Switch to another language to see other upcoming events.
German Events


+++ New dates for our open workshops

There are new workshop dates again - take a look at our German event page and book your ticket!

+++ Data journalism on the Nannen Prize shortlist

Although it was not enough for a nomination, but with the collective placement the prestigious award sets a sign for DDJ