Text Editor

Text Editor [ˈtekst editor]: A programm to create, open and edit text files of nearly any format. They are often used to write source code.

Text editor programms were developed to write source code. But today, they can be used to display different file and data formats or even graphic images. Every computer has a standard build in text editor, but you can choose from various programms online.

Whether you want to open and edit a CSV file or write a programming script: A text editor can create and open nearly any file format. With useful features you can set the files encoding, search and replace patterns or reduce the files size to a minimum. After selecting the file type, the text editor will often highlight your code or provide autocompletion service. The struggle you might experience when trying to open a CSV file in programms like EXCEL is history when you start using a text editor. You can even take a closer look at the source code of shapefiles with it.


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