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UID [ˌjuːaɪːˈdi]: stands for User Interface Design.

User Interface Design’s main goal is to understand how humans interact with the computer.

You can think of UI design like this:

User Interface Design = Visual Design + Interaction Design.

Visual design deals with the look and feel of the site, the personality if you will; the brand. Interaction design focuses on the way people interact with your site.

UID/UI (User Interface Design) is not UXD/UX (User Experience Design).

UX designers are the architects of macro-interactions, while UI designers are the makers of micro-interactions and attend to the details.

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UXD [ˌjuːeksːˈdi]: stands for User Experience Design.

UXD or UX aims to give the users a positive experience in accomplishing their tasks at all stages: before, during and after the task. The bottom line is to boost confidence and limit frustration and confusion. Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it works.

The official definition (Oxford Dictionary) is „the oval experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of easy or pleasing it is use.”

User experience design is responsible for being hands on with the process of research, testing, development, content, and prototyping to test for quality results.