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Terminal [tər-mə-nᵊl]: A text-based interface that lets a user interact with their operating system and installed programs. Also called the command line or shell.

The terminal can be found in the installed programs. Users can access it as follows:

  • Windows: In the programs directory under Start > Program Files > Accessories > Command Prompt or search for “cmd”
  • Mac: Via the Finder under Go > Utilities > Terminal or via Spotlight Search
  • Linux: In the programs directory. In Ubuntu and Mint also via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T
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Text Editor

Text Editor [ˈtekst editor]: A programm to create, open and edit text files of nearly any format. They are often used to write source code.

Text editor programms were developed to write source code. But today, they can be used to display different file and data formats or even graphic images. Every computer has a standard build in text editor, but you can choose from various programms online.

Truncated mean

Truncated mean [ˈtrʌŋ·keɪ·t̬ɪd miːn]: a more robust version of the arithmetic mean.

To make the arithmetic average less affected by extreme anomalies, you can use a truncated mean. You use the same principle as with the arithmetic mean but ignore a certain percentage, usually 5%, of the smallest and biggest values when calculating it.

Other means are: the median or the arithmetic mean. Which one you should chose depends on the kind of data in front of you.

The main differnce lies in the way these means are affected by extreme values – their so called robustness against anomalies. Leaving the extreme values out makes the truncated mean more robust than the arithmetic mean.

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