Machine Learning

Machine Learning [məˈʃiːn ləːn]: The way computers learn. As in spotify, when they come up with ever better recommendations for you the more you listen to their music.

The most basic idea behind machine learning is that the computer decides on what to do next by looking at past events to determine what worked and what didn’t. This can be done by trial-and-error, much like a child who learns to walk by getting up and falling over and over again. That’s called Reinforcement learning. Or it can look at a given data input and just determine the most similar output, for example when telling if there’s a cat or a dog in your photo.

In general, machine learning aims to formalize some of the concepts we humans use to learn. Right now, there’s quite a hype about Deep Learning. Deep Learning builds on huge neural networks that mimic, in a way, our human brain. It is surprisingly good at telling what is in a picture, translating and also video games!

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