Sublime Editor

Sublime Editor

Sublime Text is a text editor for code, markup and prose. With a text editor you can open any filetype from CSV to JSON, search for specific patterns, set the encoding, or replace the seperator. But it’s not only useful for editing text files: Text editors are used to write programming source code as well.

Whether you want to have a closer look at a data file of any format or write a website: A text editor is what you’ll need. You can write scripts in HTML, Python, R, or any other language as well as create and edit CSV, TXT or JSON files with it.

Sublime text editor comes with many additional features and plugins. For example, you can minify files to minimize their size, but with a click prettify them again to make them easier to read. You can search and replace patterns, change the files encoding, or add plugins for autocompletion or a fuzzy search.

Compared to Atom, Sublime performes great with lager datasets. You can download and evaluate the full version for free, but will be asked to purchase a license from time to time. Yet, there is no enforced time limit for the evaluation so you may use sublime completely for free – with all it’s features. But if you love using this text editor and want to be fair, you can buy the license for 70$ per user.

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