Excel Geocoding Tool

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Excel Geocoding Tool

Need latitude and longitude data from addresses, but don’t want to write any code to get it? This is the tool for you!
Excel Geocoding Tool, from its name to its usage, is pretty self-explanatory: It’s an Excel Sheet with a little script you can use to geocode your data.

You can download it here. Just paste the addresses into the sheet, click “Geocode all rows”, and voilá.
The only thing you’ll need to do yourself is get a Bing maps key. That’s pretty easy, and the Excel sheet contains all the instructions you need to do it.

The tool is maintained by web developer Max Rice and, as specified in the file, it’s free for private as well as commercial use. So go crazy, geocode all the data you want.









Excel Geocoding Tool is wonderful if you quickly need to geocode a few rows – up to 65 000 rows, to be precise.
If you’re working with larger datasets or want to keep your data in one place while you’re working, you might want to choose a different method. For example, check out OpenRefine. It can be used to geocode data as well.

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  1. Replymohsenturki
    How can i use arabic language with this file?, only english texts support

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