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Work on your web application and immediately see the results of your changes – or get inspired by the work of others: CodePen is an online code editor that lets you save and share your code easily. And you can search and browse the published code examples of others.

Instead of switching through your different local coding files and opening the index file of your application in a browser, CodePen gives you all of this at one glance. The online tool has a grid system with different panels that show, for example, your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code as well as the end result. You can include external resources like JavaScript libraries and directly see every change you make without switching to another window.

If you create a free account, you’ll be able to save your work to your personal CodePen portfolio. You can also collaborate on projects, copy the work of others or create private drafts. CodePen also is a great learning resource and a neat place to find inspiration. For example, just browse through the popular pens!

Contrary to JSFiddle, downloading the work is very easy with CodePen. It is a great development environment, especially for beginners but also for more complex applications.

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