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JournoCon 2018: A Recap of our first data-driven conference

JournoCon 2018: A Recap of our first data-driven conference

On March 24th, we hosted the JournoCon 2018. A data journalism bootcamp-slash-conference for students, freelance journalists and anyone wanting to learn more about the field. To those who were there: Thank you for making it an amazing day! To those who weren’t: Here’s a recap.

For beginners, it’s not always easy to get into data-driven work. You need skills you usually don’t learn in journalism schools, and in many newsrooms, there’s no infrastructure in place for journalists to augment their skills and connect with designers and developers. Still, what most journalists, in our experience, have, is motivation. What they generally do not have are

JournoCon 2018: A data-driven conference

JournoCon 2018: A data-driven conference
JournoCon 2018

We are excited to announce our first one-day data journalism boot camp/conference in Berlin! If you’re a German-speaking person interested in data-driven stuff, be sure to check it out! We offer workshops, talks and discussions around every step of the data-driven workflow.

Note: Dear English-speaking person! We’re sorry, but this event will be held in German. Stay tuned for our next events, though. There will definitely be some in English!

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Hello, World!

This is exciting! We’re very happy to announce that our website — this website — is finally up and running. Here you will find documentation and tutorials from all our meetings as well as info on our projects and upcoming events.

We are journocode, a group of journalists and computer scientists from Dortmund, Germany. We’ve been meeting since October to code for journalism. We’re especially invested in data driven journalism and want to teach ourselves and everyone who is interested the skills it takes to tell stories with data. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • basic programming skills in languages including R, JavaScript, Python and more