About us



It’s great to have you here!

This is a website for all your journocoding needs.

Whether you’re a journalist interested in working with data or a data geek
interested in telling stories: We want to help you acquire the skills to do so.

We are a group of journalists, designers and computer scientists
working in newsrooms across Germany.
On this page, we share tutorials and provide resources
we found useful while working with data.
Check out our data journalism tool collection, for example,
or look up what a “CSV” is in our handy dictionary.

If you’re based in Germany, you can also book us for a workshop at your organization.

At Journocode, we believe in sharing skills and learning from each others experiences.

So if you need help, have a suggestion or just want to chat,
don’t hesitate to contact us via contact@journocode.com
or join our open Slack team if you want to keep in touch.
You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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