Squirrel wishlist 2020: Tell us what you need from Journocode

Squirrel wishlist 2020: Tell us what you need from Journocode

Hey squirrel friends!

We’re in the process of reorganizing Journocode. Big announcements are coming soon – stay tuned! Unfortunately, that means that this year, we didn’t get around to making our Journocode DDJ Advent Calendar. But we still want to give you something. So this year, you get to make a wishlist: What do you want from Journocode? More workshops, more tutorials, specific topics you’re interested in? We’d love to hear from all of you.

You can write to us on Twitter, Facebook, Slack, via email, reply to this post, send a message in a bottle – or just use our quick  squirrel wishlist survey!

We really look forward to all of your replies. Your suggestions will help us make Journocode even better in the future. We wish all of you a wonderful first of December!

– The Journocode squirrels 🎄🐿️💝

👉 Link to squirrel wishlist survey 👈

For our German-speaking friends: Schreibt uns gerne auch auf Deutsch!


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